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G'Urak Ascendancy

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Author: Gruachn (other sets)
Game: SE5
Tags: n/a
Version: 1.1
Date Added: February 13, 2011
Views: 7608
Download: available
Number of Portraits: 28

The G'Urak are a caste based oligarchy, though leadership is merit driven. Over time, eugenic control and internecine conflict have solidified the caste distinction into an almost symbiotic balance, and after several centuries of harmonious growth, the G'Urak are ready to expand into the stars.

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The G'Urak are an old race, though the exact history of their coming to their current homeworld is lost in the sands of time. What is known is that they have for millenia been locked in a rigid caste system - Directors, Protectors, Builders, Physicians, Workers. As biological technology has advanced, each caste began to genetically modify it's member to better perform their given function, to the point that each members societal role can is reflected in their physical form.

Traditionally G'Urak society has been organized into military-industrial combines. This has led over time to major global internecine conflict, which has sent the planet back to pre-industrial levels on at least two occasions in the past three millenia. In recent centuries however, the move to the stars has brought all the combines to actively realize the benefits of unity. Under the guidance of the current Prime Director the G'Urak ascendency have finally achieved a unity and common sense of purpose.


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