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 SEV Screen Shots 
A typical star system.
A typical star system. - Nolan Kelly (Fyron) *
Viewed: 3193 times.

New SEV research screen.
New SEV research screen. - Nolan Kelly (Fyron)
Viewed: 1327 times.

Asteroid belt system.
Asteroid belt system. - Nolan Kelly (Fyron)
Viewed: 978 times.

In-game help system.
In-game help system. - Nolan Kelly (Fyron)
Viewed: 818 times.

Small scale combat.
Small scale combat. - Nolan Kelly (Fyron)
Viewed: 1200 times.

Another star system.
Another star system. - Nolan Kelly (Fyron)
Viewed: 1002 times.

Scaled vehicles in combat.
Scaled vehicles in combat. - Nolan Kelly (Fyron) *
Viewed: 2861 times.

A view of ground combat.
A view of ground combat. - Nolan Kelly (Fyron)
Viewed: 1337 times.

Tech selection at empire design stage.
Tech selection at empire design stage. - Nolan Kelly (Fyron)
Viewed: 912 times.

Planetary details report.
Planetary details report. - Nolan Kelly (Fyron)
Viewed: 812 times.

Ship design screen.
Ship design screen. - Nolan Kelly (Fyron)
Viewed: 1216 times.

Government selection screen.
Government selection screen. - Nolan Kelly (Fyron) *
Viewed: 854 times.

A large facility portrait.
A large facility portrait. - Nolan Kelly (Fyron)
Viewed: 839 times.

Victory conditions screen.
Victory conditions screen. - Nolan Kelly (Fyron)
Viewed: 754 times.

Jraenar race portrait.
Jraenar race portrait. - Nolan Kelly (Fyron)
Viewed: 948 times.

Quadrant selection at game creation.
Quadrant selection at game creation. - Nolan Kelly (Fyron) *
Viewed: 852 times.

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