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Friendly game?

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Space Emperor

Joined: Dec 05, 2009

PostPosted: Sun Dec 06, 2009 12:22 am    Post subject: Friendly game? Reply with quote

Hey awesome mod, I really enjoy this mod. Extended options and nice gameplay.

However I really love playing trading games and being peaceful. The AI's literly dropped the bomb on me at first contact. The first one I met said they had no other choice but to declare war on me. I'll grant them that I was much weaker than them at the moment due to my lack of ships in orbit. However I seriously outgunned them in only 2 years after my planets started pumping out anti-phong ships.

Next race I met were the norak's, they were peaceful for only 1 year when relations dropped continiously without any way of saving them. They are almost crushed now and their homeplanet is besieged, however their 1000's of orbital fighters have forced me to a stalemate for the moment.

After the noraks I met an organic race, the sekulthra or something. Regardless they thought I was a nice snack and declared war right away eventhough by that time I outperformed them in score.

Next to these annoying slimeballs were the jraenar empire who seemned much more willing at first for peace but their relations kept dropping and after 2,5 years they too declared war.

Now all races are at war with each other.

Are there any peaceful AI's in this game? And or how do I make them peaceful?

I really like helping smaller AI's all over the galaxy trying to make it by and create a federation of planets (star trek kinda thingy).

Nooby gamer much obliged Smile

Does the AI use the stellar manipulation and stuff like tectonic bombs? Currently I'm pwning the AI's by using thermonuclear missiles from maximum distance and just blasing them before they get in range with their rail cannons. It's really cheesy but I hate building tonnes of ship as cannon fodder. To bad the AI doesn't quite adapt and make more heavy flak ships or invest more tech into missiles to get my ships in his range.

I btw disabled evil empires and at the time I was making contact I was always around 80% to 120% of their score value.

2 more small questions.
1, what does the half damage to shields mean for the rail cannon?
2, for example, I have 60 shields, and he hits me with 2 rail cannons with each 50 dmg.

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Galactic Guru

Joined: Aug 04, 2003
Location: CA, USA

PostPosted: Sun Dec 06, 2009 6:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

SE4 is not a very good platform for friendly AIs, due to the utter lack of sophistication of its algorithms.

When a half damage to shields weapon hits a ship, it takes 2 points of damage to lower shields by 1 point. If you have 60 shields, one hit of 50 damage lowers them by 25 points, to 35. A second hit lowers them to 10. A third hit drops them to 0, and does 30 damage to the hull (it took 20 damage points to do 10 damage to the shields).

Smarter than your average Texrak.

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Space Emperor

Joined: Aug 03, 2009

PostPosted: Thu Mar 11, 2010 11:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

An old topic.. but maybe it still helps:

You can make AIs more friendly by editing their anger file, for example "Amonkrie_AI_Anger.txt" which can be found in the /Pictures/Races/<Race> directory.
Change the "Regular Decrease" to some bigger value, like -25 or so. This will change the AI's attitude towards you in a few turns to "brotherly" and you can start negotiating again.
If you do this prior to game start you'll be able to play the peacefull game right from the beginning.

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